Part one of the film and animation course begins with a series of primers and workshops prodding us to work in an industry style way as the goal is to create an idea to give away to an industry to produce. In this section I explore all the prepoduction basics including, storyboarding, script development and environment design. 

CharacterS Planning Pre Production.png


Moving on from the inital primer onto animating the animatic, I decided to change and simplify my ideas for the current project as my digital work I had been creating would've held me back due to its complexities. In addition to it not fitting with the brief. I began by changing to an all hand drawn approach that was recommended enabling me to begin with creating new designs and environments which would help produce a simpler animation I could actually make.

'A DOMESTIC ENCOUNTER' - Stop-motion Project

Moving to stop-motion for the second project began with a break from all the drawing as this project explores a 3D handcrafted set with a much larger focus on cinematography and editing. Beginning with a series of workshops and research to help us begin and explore different themes with this challenging and time demanding project.