Character Workshop

With a story mostly well established a few members of our group decided upon the character design. With the armatures created from the first workshop we settled on felting our three characters plus the cat. This enabled us to relatively simply create the characters around the skeleton without requiring any glue or bonding agent as the felt would bind itself together. Colours were also chosen as part of the creative process to symbolise the nature of each character with one another. From the pictures you can see the brightly coloured clothing of the child which reflects his vibrant and creative self, in comparison to the father and mother who are portrayed in grey and mundane colours to represent their disconnected and harsh attributes.

Collection of images showing the inital stages of the characters in their armature form and final form, this enables us to move them gradually as it provides the stability and human characteristics. Personally I really like the final form of the characters however, I would have like to give the childs face more emotion through a face although I am not sure how that would have been done. On the other hand though, with the mother and father the lack of emotive faces is eery and does aid in representing the ideas that they are disconnected from one another.

The Cat

By far the secret star of the show (hence the title) 'Cussy' the cat was created using a seperate armature created similarly to the others, although more complex given its much smaller size. This enabled us to experiment with more than just human characters as our four legged furry friends providided us with a multitude of headaches concerning how it acutally moves and how we can animate it walking.