Drawing & Conceptual Practice


Going into the drawing and conceptual practice course I was nervous as my drawing skills are not the best. However, these ideas quickly changed as I got into the swing of things, sitting on the floor conceptualising how to draw your heartbeat or the sounds in the room sounded challenging yet I quickly allowed to free myself in the hands of charcoal and chalk. This allowed me to create harsh looking drawings whilst also allowing me to create a distinct fluid look to other drawings when thinking of sounds and textures. Mixing these together enabled the creation of works that I enjoyed making even if they are scruffy and covered in charcoal fingerprints. Moving on from the drawing and conceptual side of the course I am pleased to have been almost freed from a prior drawing block of 'I can't draw' and although it is not something I wish to study and continue with further I can still now occasionally pick up some charcoal and draw dynamic shapes and structures from prompts.