Critical Feeback

After presenting the film to class, we were met with a variety of different reactions and ideas. Unfortunately, our main takeaway was in regards to our story, there was a general consensus that no one really knew what was happening past the cut to the outside world and fade to black at the end. Ultimately, this was due to a number of reasons such as a number of illnesses leading up to filming that limited our groups potential into polishing our film. Looking back it's clear to see why there is confusion and that a number of small things could've been changed to improve and clarify the storyline. Beginning with set design slight changes could have been made to the outside world to further elude to it being a dreamy-esque setting, this could be done through using more vibrant colours and creating imaginative things such as comically large flowers and toys. Furthermore, sound design, upbeat ambiental soundscapes would've also aided in reflecting the idea of the setting in addition to natural sounds like, crickets chirping and birds singing. Finally, further steps could've been taken in post editing, as editor and filmmaker myself I had to rush this process to meet the deadline and I could have definately done more to make better use of the amazing footage we took.