Diagnostic Art Course

Beginning with part one of three in the diagnostic course, this art course explores photography and time based media, as well as painting, sculpture, drawing and conceptual practice. 



Photography as a from of creating art is something I continually experiment with which is why I was glad to see it as a project in art and design. 



Painting physically is not something I am very good at however, through the use of digital media and software I have learnt to paint digitally. The painting primer in the art project enabled me to explore this further by creating a series of digitally painted images using a photo i had taken of the night sky as a backdrop.  



Creating sculptures through wasted and recycled materials, was an interesting first project that enabled us to create abstract outcomes. 


Drawing and Conceptual Practice

Rethinking the constructs of drawing by taking a different more abstract approach to drawing. This project enabled me to draw things I didnt know I could just by letting go and allowing thoughts to take over. 

collage mix 3.jpg

Collage 1

Mixed media based collage that is created through old postcards of historical cities. This one explores a more digital approach boasting bright neon colours that pierce through the urban landscape. Two cities have also been spliced together and are polarised by contrasting colours. There is also a figure, who is this figure? We do not know, could even be a figure from the future overlapped onto the present. 

collage mix 1.jpg

Collage 2

This mixed media collage takes a more physical approach, having cut the sections between the pillars so precisely enabled me to place underneath busy patterns and sections of cities that creates an interesting dichotomy between the urban cities, patterns and anciant ruins of the pillars.

collage mix 2.jpg

Collage 3

This collage captures elements from both the first and second and presents them in a busy and bustling landscape where people in cars and transport crossover those of less developed areas in busy markets. I created the paper ripping effect digitally through photoshop which allows the image to retain its physical qualities as well as a postcard.

Reflection & Ideas

As the Art project draws to a close i am left satisfied with the variety of experimentation that I have achieved in all medias especially within drawing which enabled me to overcome my thoughts which prevented me from drawing. This primer helped me to broaden my skills by challenging me to work in all medias whether I liked it or not. I particularly enjoyed the photography tasks as it helped me to explore different pathways that I would not normally experiment with whilst taking photos myself. On the other hand, I did not find sculpture particularly enjoyable as it did not leave any meaningful mark on me as I found creating sculptures from unused materials is too abstract thinking for my liking. Furthermore, without any paints equipment supplied I could not enjoy painting too much either as I was left to paint digitally due to my dissapointment that I had to purchase my own paints which unfortunately I did not have the money to go out and buy just for the short course.