Diagnostic Communication Project

This diagnostic project forced me to test myself by coming up with a multitude of different ideas in a timed constrained environment, unfortunately I was ill at the time which forced me to focus more on photography as I was not able to enter the studio as much as I would have liked.

blade runner.jpg

Recreate an object from your past

This title made me think back to the science fiction films of the past that I was obssessed with. Given I had recently watched Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049 masterpiece, I was immediately reminded of the artistic qualities and spectacular scenery that made the original film so special. Therefore, in response to the title I have recreated an alleyway digitally that is inspired by the dark noir style city scapes of the films.

Draw a diagram of society

This title although simple in terms had me thoughtless for a couple hours. Then this outcome came to fruition upon turning on the news, inevitably reminding me of the stupidity and incapability of those in governments and power. Therefore, the premise of this image is to be mostly comedic as the 'restart' comments on how this level of incapability is likened to ourdevelopment as a specias going backwards, or being reset in this instance.


Commemorate something

To commemorate something that is very close to me I decided to choose my favourite sport. As a competitive player of Badminton I decided to quite simply commemorate the hours played which in turn shows my level of dedication. I created this image through a printer scanner and hours of meticulous photoshop work.

Photograph something damaged and give it a name

Quite literally I am obsessed with technology, particularly smartphones. In my collection of old phones is primarily what you see here a plethora of old junk once used but now forgotten. The phones are smashed and inoperable. These were taken on my Nikon D610 using my macro lense which enabled me to really highlight the fine details in the cracks.

photo of something damaaged.jpg
fish img.png

Make a gift to the government

3D fish wars.

Write five new social rules

1. Beeping in a vehicular mode of transport is now a signal of endeerment. 

2. Handshakes are to be performed by the same hand i.e left hand meets left hand of other person.

3. Clapping your hands is now a public gesture of annoyance and frustration.

4. Middle child's must spend a mandatory 60minute session each week with parents to avoid them forgetting their middle childs existence.

5. Fuel is now a form of tax and any friends in your car MUST pay a certain percentage of fuel during car journeys.

Goldsmith Studio
tell a story image 3.jpg
tell a story image 4.jpg
tell a story image 5.jpg

Tell a story in 5 or 7 images

Finger screen trails. Story here shows the different levels of distortion as your fingers stretch across the wide expanse of screens. As the finger moves so to does the trail behind. However, the liquid crystals realign themselves causing the trail to quickly dissapear.

Invent a new word


Definition: REDACTED 

See definitions in: REDACTED - REDACTED - REDACTED




Delete something real

This perpelexing prompt did not make any first thoughts pop to mind. Only until thinking less literally I stumbled across this outcome when out taking photographs with my camera. The barbed wire has connotations of boundaries and restrictions which therefore in essence somewhat symbolises the deletion of freedom as the rusted barbed wire prevents any from crossing over.    

Recreate the moment after

This photo for me is a recreation of the moments after my exams where everything felt peaceful for the first time in a long time.

record something senseless.JPG

Record Something senseless

This recording of a senseless act is captured by the rapid movements of light. However, even in all of the senselessness, a figure of a dog can almost be made out.

Make a path for other to follow

Letting the force of gravity and tension create a path of least resistance for other liquid to follow. Ink seaps through the maze like structure of the bubble wrap mesh to create a splay ofpatterns that expand the further it reaches out due to the increasing number of different variations and opurtunities.  

make a path for others 3.jpg
reconfigure something (3).JPG
reconfigure something (3).JPG

Reconfigure something

Reconfiguring protective shipping card to createa complex structure that engulfs the viewer. This creates an almost landscape style mesh shape that spreads on out past our field of view.  

Wish I was there

Wish I was up in the clouds with the stars. 

This digital piece is created using photoshop. Here I have painted a simplefigure that stairs up to the stars whilst also looking like he is sitting up there with them.

wish i was there.jpg

What should be visible but isn't?

Colour in pixels. It appears white to our eyes however when looking closer we can see it breakdown into a multitude of subpixels which are made up of red, green, and blue. Therefore, it makes me think how is it invisible to us as white when actually theres vibrant colours sparkling and shifting within. 

Create a disguise for...

Creating a disguise for music, by hiding it in plain sight through different leveled lines.



Taking my 'Wish I Was There' outcome and animating it to create another level of immersion and feeling. Here I have recreated the background by using a set of particle emitters which creates the flickering effect of the stars. Using a png of a cloud I was able to edit it using a multitude of effects to make it appear more like a galaxy. Adding a final layer of animation to create some extra motion in the gas cloud creates a sense of depth perception which adds to the focus of the image as we and the character are left looking and maybe even wishing that we could explore further out there.