Diagnostic Design Course

Part two of three in the diagnostic course, my design course project came as a bit of a shock given the circumstances of the current fires in Evia which is so close to home for me as an English-Cypriot who has also had to bear the news of similar consequences that being some of the worst fires in recent decades. Therefore, I wantedto do Evia some justice with this project and create some meaningful artwork and ideas in response to recent events. 



Evia Problems Research  

A detailed research project done by me and my group to investigate the current situation and effects of the fires in Greece. The research is found at the bottom of the page containing facts and opinions of locals.


Independent Product & Spatial Visual Response

First look into creating outcomes of work that highlights the different methods to try and adapt to the current circumstances. Our group decided on working independantly with the intention of creating the outline of the island to feature our work on during the presentation.

Firewatch-HD-Wallpaper copy.jpg


Visual Response

Working towards a visual response to highlight the current situation further. Working independantly i decided to take a more digital approach to create an informative yet impactful design to highlight the damage.


Evia Greece Solutions Group Presentation

Final group project in design, our group decided to work independantly similar to project two. However, this series of works created offers three different creative and fun ways of adapting and preventing further fires.