For this project a multitude of research was undertaken in order to help myself with ideas and inspiration. I explore miniture combat animations to the big screen VFX environments of Dune which has provided me with detailed visual information that aids in helping with ideas and development of my own work.


Illustrator - Dan Jurgens - Combat Zone

After watching Villeneuve's take on scifi classic Dune I was left immersed in the expanse of DNEG studios and their scifi effects in desert landscapes. With my current theme in combat scenarios and with this film containing a   

Desktop Screenshot 2022.02.13 - 21.50.00_edited.jpg

multitude of visually stunning desert scenes I have been able to draw upon this mixing it with real world scenarios.


That I may be able to draw, as these landscapes provide me with visual references that I could draw upon to create the backdrops for each scene. 

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Dune Environment VFX - DNEG Studios 

illustrator, Dan Jurgens helped in creating one of my favourite comic books 'Combat Zone' this story has provided me with a visual data bank of unique drawings all in relation to my theme surrounding conflict. 

combat zone.jpg

It is with this that I have been able to mix my conceptual ideas inspired by Dune into drawings that contain elements similar to that in 'Combat Zone'.

combat zone2.jpg

Additionally, the unique layouts of these comic book strips has potential to be something I could edit into my own animatic highlighting different aspects of the story. This could include a sequence that also contains a detailed closeup of something happening in the scene. 

combat zone 3.jpg

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to include a fight scene of some sorts in my animatic. However, with very little animation experience this proved far too difficult for me. 


Seen here is a collection of hand to hand combat animation sequences that I discovered during my research. 


Fight Scenes Animators