Artist Research

Alongside the creation and ideas making of our project, I have researched a series of different artists that I have long been following in particular Forrest Whaley, as their crafts and ideas have provided both inspiration and ideas that have the potential to influence our current stopmotion animation. 

Nick Park

After watching a documentary titled ‘A Grand Night In: The story of Aardman’ I knew that I wanted to learn more about one of the lead creators, Nick Park and how I could use his work to help improve my own. Our set design was influenced by Nick Park's Wallace and Gromit which can be seen in the image above. Many of the detailed props items, wallpaper share a similar feel and look. All items were handcrafted from a variety of materials in addition to the wallpaper which was created by prints resulting in a more realstic look and texture. Seen below is one of the most impressive stopmotion animation sequences to date.

Mark Waring

isle of dogs.jpg

With the decision to create our characters out of felt and other soft materials, I had been taken a back to the 2018 film 'Isle of Dogs'. This is due to the multitude of characters and special effects that are created by similar materials such as cotton and wool. With these they are able to breathe life into each character and effect such as the fight scenes and explosions which can be seen on the left. With the use of felt and cotton for our characters and outdoor landscape these effects are something I would particularly like to attempt. Beginning with a possible character closeup in which the felt moves ever so much, similar to the fur on the dog characters in 'Isle of Dogs' in which the fur of the dogs was ket moving to breathe life into the characters.

isle of dogs fight scene.jpg

Forrest Whaley


Forrest Whaley a much lesser known animator is someone I have been following for a while but have never researched. His work mainly specialises in lego stopmotion animation and then further brought to life by VFX. The detail and thought that goes into every shot is something that I would also like to include into our film. In Whaley's films almost everything is brought to life that even after watching again and again you are still either noticing new things or appreciating the detail behind each frame. This can be especially seen in this photo and video, showing us the lighting and set design and final result for one of the films. 

After finishing our stopmotion film both the moving of the felt inspired by Mark Waring and the immense amount of movement in Forrest Whaley's stopmotion films have been somewhat experimented with and added to our film.