Character Design


As a big part of this project character design was an essential part in the design process. Beginning with the brain storming of characters through newspaper and other media. This was supposed to give a sense of direction, a starting point for these characters. However, I was not able to develop them further, as someone who is not a confident drawer translating these newspaper figures into something animatable was far too difficult for me. As a result, after filming my pistol animation, I began recreating characters that would fit this narrative. Using videogames such as 'Ready or Not' and 'Insurgency' mixed with my own knowledge and experience I was able to create the characters seen on this page. Although I was able to create the characters with limited time left I wasn't able to create full character turnarounds as well as not being able to add them to an animatic as this process turned out to be far more difficult than I anticipated. As a result my lack of commitment to an idea and lack of confidence and experience in drawing held me back significantly as even simpler singular drawings like these would take me far too long. In response to this I could have simplified the character designs which might have allowed me to add them onto the animatic and environments.