Digital Painting - GIFs



Going into this section of the course I hadn't a clue of the work I would like to create. Some prompts led me to look through my camera photos for inspiration which is when I rediscovered long exposure photos I had taken of the clear night sky. This immediately became the backdrop of the scene as I wanted to create something space/scifi related surrounding this. I ended up with three key ideas but only could complete the one before the presentation. The final three can be seen here with and without animations. 

1. The Earth

Juno .2

3. Astronaut


This project was by far the hardest out of the art course as the level of detail and complex animations that I challenged myself to add before the presentation on friday was much more difficult and time consuming than I had previously imagined. However, in my opinion these three outcomes came out looking better than I had previously thought possible and the animations that I then added create these dreamy landscapes that immerses the viewer even more. However, I would like to have done more physical paintings during this section of the course to challenge myself in areas I am not so confident in, but unfortunately was not able to get my hands on any paints at the time which is my only dissapointment looking back at this work.  

stars with satellite.jpg


Seen on this page is a variety of different outcomes that were created during the painting element of the course. The work encapsulates both photography (from the starry backdrop) and digital painting/rendering techniques to create the focuses of each image. Beginning with my featured outcome the Astronaut, I then proceeded to develop my work further by adding subtle animations that would create another layer of depth to my work. I did this by digitally paint masking soft light rays that emit from different areas most noticably out of the helmet. This then allowed me to create and add star effects on the night sky photo. 

Animated Versions