Group Project


This stop-motion page breaks down all the different components in both the preproduction setting leading up to the final product, in addition to the post screening in which our film is critically assesed by fellow animator group.


Character Workshop

Beginning with the character workshop, our group all took turns on creating and assembling different parts of the armatures. Their construction allows them to move in humanlike ways whilst also enabling future character development as we hope to use these bases to build our characters around. 

Storyboarding & Animatic

This section explores the ideas and subsequent preproduction that our group undertook to help us figure out our story, camera shots and character dialogue. These steps are an essential as they help to visualise all ideas in an organised manner, providing a visual rule book for later filming and editing.



'A domestic encounter' - An interesting yet perplexing theme. To help understand a possible interpretation of this title all group members began by creating independent moodboards that explored the idea of 'domestic' to them. I began my moodboard by writing down the first things that came to mind, the things that I enjoy and appreciate in a domestic environment. However, things becaming increasingly apparent that the word 'domestic' had been increasingly connected to ideas such as 'domestic violence', 'domestic abuse' through media and other platforms as a result of the word being used with these actions a sudden change in direction of the story became apparent. Leading to creating themes surrounding the aforementioned words. Ultimately our group followed suit. However, unllike others we all agreed we wanted an emotionally positive element to the story set about through the eyes of the child. 

Set Design

After reviewing our animatic we began working on our sets. This began through an inital mockup set created from cardboard and paper. Once we were happy as a group with the look and feel of a possible set we progressed onto creating two sets. These can be seen in the photos which includes both our detailed indoor set and our attempted dreamscape forest set.



After presenting our film to the class, it became apparent there were some obvious things that had to be improved, mainly in relation to conveying a clear and understandable story. However, in terms of everything else I am more than happy with the group and the work that was put in. The sets and props are highly detailed and stayed authentic to our groups inital ideas and plans. In regards to the animation itself, me and the animators of the group made the most out of my equipment and restricted software that we had to use due to booking issues, so much so that no one realised on the screening of our film. Overall this has been my favourite project so far on this course, despite the difficulties and clear criticisms of the final film, I have most enjoyed the hands on approach in addition to working collaboratively with one another which I know will provide as useful experience in the future field I want to join.


Critial feedback after presenting our film  

Feedback by Group 2

Film Title: 'Cussy'

Created by Valentino, Elizabeth, Daisy, None, Linhao, Alistair